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Code of ConductNHH Building & Restoration
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The following Code of Conduct is to be strictly adhered to by all NHH suppliers and subcontractors while on any NHH job site or customer’s property.


* Always leave a customer’s property (house, lawn, and job-site) in better condition than you found it. Treat customer’s property BETTER than your own.


* Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on a customer’s property at all times (indoors and outdoors). Smoking will be allowed at break and must be confined to designated area (pod, trailer, or off property on homes occupied by customer). Under no circumstances shall smoking debris (butts) be discarded on the ground. Take them with you!


* Bathroom privileges shall be respected and not abused, and the facilities shall be left as clean as, or cleaner than found.


* Job site shall be left broom-clean at the end of each work day. Debris shall be cleaned up and excess debris removed from site. All trades are responsible for the removal of their own debris daily.


* At the conclusion of each business day, tools shall be disconnected, placed in a designated area, and the customer notified accordingly. Every precaution shall be made to prevent the customer’s children from accessing the tools or dangerous items.


* Profanity is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the customer’s property in any form (clothing, language, music, and ect.)


* Offensive clothing (revealing, dirty or containing offensive graphics or language) is prohibited at all times. Shirts must be worn at all times on homes that are occupied by costumer. At unoccupied homes shirts must be worn whenever practical or when customer is onsite.


* Offensive music is prohibited at all times. Volume is to be kept at a level that can be spoken over (if you have to yell to communicate it is too loud).


* Customers are to be formally addressed (Mr. Smith, Ms. Jones, and Dr. Davis) unless specifically directed otherwise by customer.


* Use or possession of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at all times during the work day, on or off the job-site.


* NHH is a smoke-free and drug-free work place. Job sites are considered company workplaces and are subject to the same requirements at all times. Abuse of these requirements shall be grounds for IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.


* Service entrances shall be used whenever possible. Front doors and formal rooms shall be avoided whenever possible


* Whenever possible and practicable, construction vehicles shall be parked on the street or in such a fashion as to not obstruct customer’s access and egress to home/garage. Unloading activity is permitted and shall be completed as expeditiously as possible.


* Food debris and wrappers from breaks and lunch shall be immediately placed in appropriate containers.


* Job-sites shall be left secured at the end of each work day. Customer shall be notified if the site cannot be left locked and secured.


I want to thank both you and Ken for the outstanding work and customer service you provided in re-shingling my storm-damaged roof. Your work crew did a superb job and both you and Ken went much further than was expected to assure that we were completely satisfied with the job.I would recommend your firm to anyone who wants storm restoration work done.
John K.

Arnie Lawson and the crew of Northern Hideaway Homes did an excellent job on my home and garage re-siding and re-roofing project after storm damage. Arnie handled all of the insurance communications
and details and there were no problems or glitches. The job was completed in a professional and efficient manner.
Susan A.